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Professional Development and Coaching


Building the Foundation

Before your first day in the classroom, RISE offers summer professional development opportunities that will support the foundational pieces necessary for creating an optimal learning environment.  More specifically, classroom management, lesson design and assessment, and district-specific technology applications.  These courses are offered to new hires from June-August.  To register for a summer training course, please click the button below.


Deeper Instruction...Deeper Impact

Throughout the school year, continued professional development will focus on supporting and extending the foundational knowledge previously acquired through summer training.  Curriculum taught during the school year is designed to align with the needs of new teachers as they progress through their first year of teaching.


Support When and Where You Need It!

RISE specialists partner with campus administrators, campus coaches, content instructional specialists, and assigned mentors while building relationships with new teachers in order to identify problems of practice, set goals, and collect data through in-class observations.  Afterward, the RISE specialists will work collaboratively with you to analyze data and determine next steps.  Our specialists are readily available for instructional coaching and support; just click the link below. 


Your Assigned Teacher Mentor

An integral piece of the induction process is the relationship between the new teacher and his/her mentor.  New teachers and mentors work together to examine, analyze, and reflect on the craft of teaching.  New teachers are given the opportunity to become reflective practitioners through their work with the mentor teacher. Through a collaborative coaching process, new teachers problem solve, incorporate new ideas, and analyze their students' progress. To learn more about the mentoring program, click the button below.

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