The end goal of our mentoring program has always been to provide constant, consistent, quality support to new teachers and their programs, and also to support mentors in their own growth as they begin to step up to leadership roles. By providing quality support, we also help HR with the recruitment of the best new teachers in various programs.

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  • Development a Behavior Management/ Discipline Plan

  • Develop a "Knowing Students Across Multiple Dimensions" Plan

  • Co-Assessment Tools: Self-Assessment on Standards and Individual Learning Plan

  • Four Observation Cycles by the mentor of the new teacher

  • Four Observations by the new teacher of the mentor

  • Analysis of Student Work

  • Mid-Year and End-of-Year Reviews of Instructional Goals

In the Classroom


Part of the Formative Assessment System is the observation cycle, which is the most impactful component of the FAS system. Observation cycles allow for new teachers to focus on individualized issues and concerns for their classroom.  Video recording via the SIBME platform is also an option for examining practice.  Through a pre- and post-conference system, the new teacher analyzes observation data and receives coaching from the mentor.  Observations will serve as instructional benchmarks.



The Pasadena ISD Mentoring Program has partnered with the New Teacher Center since 2006 until the present.  New Teacher Center is a national non-profit organization dedicated to improving student learning by guiding a new generation of educators.  It is their mission to overcome challenges teachers and students face by providing all educators with support and resources to succeed from their first day in the classroom to the last.